Adinath Jain Trust

About Us

ADINATH JAIN TRUST, Choolai was commenced under the guidance of Late Shri Amarchandji Kochar on 5th July 1979. It commenced its operation on a humble scale as group of 32 individuals, interested in social activities. The trust was primarily formed with the core idea of serving the society, from its inception the trust has carrying out numerous noble deeds, for the betterment of humankind. On 29th January 2001, Mr. Mohan Jain the author of the trust registered the trust as a PUBLIC CHARITABLE TRUST.

  • Tailoring 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

The Aims and the Objectives of the Trust

  • Providing clothes, water, wheat, rice, pulses, sugar and any other edible item, medicine, free of cost or at a concession rate. 

  • To organize Eye donation, Blood Collection Camps, Eye and E.N.T. Camps to donate artificial limbs, hearing aids, wheel chairs etc, to the poor and needy held prayers, shivirs for world-peace and brother-hoodless

  • To support, establish, run hospital, dispensaries, Nursing Homes, Orphanges and other Public Institutions for administering Medical relief to the needy free of cost or at a nominal cost.

  • To establish run or takeover any Hospital, School, Dharmasala for providing treatment, education, help accommodation to needy free of cost or at a concessional rate. To undertake any project for physically handicapped or mentally returded.

  • To facilitate or provide welcome, stay, farewell of religious leaders, Sadhus, Sadhvis, Sangh, to arrange progrmmes, meetings, discourses, lectures, shivirs, sanghs, Pilgrimages and to do all such activities which are necessary for the propagation of humanity.

  • To provide homes for orphans, mentally weak, retarded disabled, aged people without distinction of caste, creed or faith.

  • To Spread or promote education or learning in all its branches in such manner as the Trustees may think fit including Establishment and /or acquisition and maintenance or support of schools, colleges, pathasalas, Vidyapiths, Bal Mandirs, Study Centres, Training Centres, Universities and other Institutions for imparting education and training students.

  • To encourage study and institute scholarships prizes, shields etc., for students in any school, college or educational institutions or for students studying a particular subject or course or those under going training in particular field or those engaged in research in any field of creative activity in any part of India.

  • To aid in the publication of the books moral cassettes and books, journals, Periodicals which promote the fulfillments of the object of the trust without in any way earning profit thereof.